Health and Resources Services Administration (HRSA) TBI Grant

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Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission (MRC), was recently awarded a $1M dollar four year grant to maximize existing resources in both the TBI and Elder Care Service delivery systems through the Heath and Resources Services Administration (HRSA). The grant is called “Improving the MA System of Care for Elders Sustaining a TBI” #H21MC26927. To carry out this grant, MRC (the lead agency) has partnered with the BIA-MA, EOEA, and the ADRCs of MetroWest, Merrimack Valley and the Greater North Shore Inc. The grant looks to enhance the state’s “No Wrong Door” model by conducting outreach in the Northeast and MetroWest pilot areas identified as having the highest incidences of TBI for the 60+ population (documented in the 2014 epidemiology study conduct by staff at DHP and MRC). Awareness activities include:

  • Implementation of a screening tool and training for early identification of TBI.
  • Increasing access to appropriate resources and improving overall service coordination with cross-trainings of community-based providers and state agency staff.
  • Offer support groups for families of TBI survivors in the area.
  • Disseminate lessons learned and materials developed and/or modified to area agencies.
  • And lastly, offer training opportunities to the remaining regions statewide. It is important to stress that this is a “systems-change” based grant.

Project Goals 

Goal 1: To improve awareness, screening and identification of elders who sustain a TBI.

Goal 2: To improve access to appropriate information, resources, services and supports for elders who sustain TBI and their families.

Goal 3: To enhance the state/s “No Wrong Door” model that provides simplified, streamlined and consumer-directed access and coordination of services for this high risk population.

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